• Dr. Hanif Abd Gaus

LogixLab's Predictive Algorithm in Bone Fracture diagnoses

More often than not, children afflicted with a fracture in their leg or wrists often receive inadequate treatment, despite showing visible symptoms of a typical fracture-such as swollen area at the expected site and extreme pain upon movement. The reason for this is that radiologists and physicians are unable to detect any fracture in the X-ray image of the affected area, and often multiple medical opinions do not help either. In such a scenario, the child's condition worsens due to his/her undetected bone affliction. Such a situation can easily be avoided by the use LogixLab's prolific algorithm.

X-ray images have been around for a century and more, thus being a great fodder for computer vision to work on. With billions of X-ray images that have been used for assembly, processing and analysis, LogixLab boasts of a rich database for machine learning that produces highly accurate diagnoses. The algorithm can predict minute structural changes on comparison with standard X-ray images of healthy bone structures; something which can be possibly missed by the most trained of all orthopedists or similarly trained medical healthcare professionals. Moreover, with its constantly evolving machine learning process actively at play, LogixLab tools might even discover anomalies that may not have been discovered so far. This might come in handy for doctors and specialists who have not yet familiarized themselves with the intricacies of fracture detection.

The time has come to let our computer systems work in our health's favor. Join hands with LogixLab today to scan and eliminate any bone affectation that might trouble you or your loved ones.

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