• Dr. Hanif Abd Gaus

Artificial Intelligence and Radiology

Just like with other areas of healthcare, radiology, too, has not been bereft of A.I's supremely beneficial powers. With high quality data being routinely added to an ever-expanding database-whether in the form of figures or images-radiologists can be sure to take advantage of a highly intelligent technology that adapts to its changing circumstances with the aid of machine learning and deep learning. Such a technological miracle is LogixLab's extremely smart algorithm. It is fed a rich and diverse data of millions of bone-fracture images so that every time a new image is processed by it, there is already a high chance of fracture detection. This can be extremely helpful for practitioners in remote areas. Also, since it is nearly impossible for every radiologist to be aware of each kind of bone fracture that exists or has existed in the history of bone fractures till date, LogixLab's algorithm can provide help by diagnosing in real time with a nearly 100 percent accuracy rate

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