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Predictive Algorithm in Bone Fracture diagnoses


Bone fracture misdiagnosis is one of the problems that can have serious consequences to patients as it causes delay in treatment and results in long-term disability . The peak in errors in diagnosing fracture happened between 8 pm and 2 am. This retrospective analysis suggested that human error contributes to bone fracture misdiagnosis and we believe that our AI powered software system using deep learning technique can reduce such error and improve the overall accuracy in bone fracture detection.

Product Description

Developed using LogixLab cutting-edge deep learning technology, accurately interpreted medical imaging and radiography through x-ray, CT-Scan and MRI. The AI solution generates

  • Location information of detected lesions in the form of region of interest (ROI)

  • Possible x ray description

  • Suggestion of treatment.

The solution is indicated to be directly involved in the primary interpretation process of radiologists or clinicians as Second Read.

Primary Value Proposition

  • Prevent missed fracture , especially hair line fracture , from being missed upon interpretation of bone  radiography.

  • Help physicians make early diagnosis of bone fracture.

  • Enable non-specialists to perform at specialist level in bone fracture


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Our Prototype Showcase at HIMSS Singapore and Bangkok 2019

HIMSS: Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. An American not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving health care in quality, safety, cost-effectiveness, and access through the best use of information technology and management systems


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Why Us?

How We Got Here

Together with our team of technology experts, we emphasize on creating unique algorithms, which enable radiologists to detect their patients’ health condition automatically.

  • Our AI enabled software offers quick and accurate insights for comprehensive results.

  • Our diagnostic care tools, imaging and predictive analytics is crafted to help clinicians optimize their workflow, prevent errors and offer in-depth medical assessment.

  • We help radiologists in minimizing recalls and unnecessary medical expenses.

  • The software allows clinicians to predict future medical outcomes and offer best treatment plan to patients.

Put simply, we transform medical assessment and ensure best care for patients!


Predictive Algorithm in Threat Detection


In recent years, the threat attacks using so-called Small Metallic Threats (SMTs) on soft targets has increased and those attacks against the unprotected civilian targets in urban areas that can inflict mass fatalities and casualties. To prevent such attacks, it is necessary to make it more difficult for would-be terrorists to obtain SMTs.


Thus, they will rely on creating sophisticated smuggling networks via black market. SMTs can be smuggled across borders, carried in cargo containers, parcels, passenger baggage, or independent vessels. Border agencies provide surveillance on each of these modes, and often capture X-ray images which are inspected by a human operator which eventually can be missed or overlooked due to vast amount of legitimate items crossing. Therefore, current technology offers automated inspection of x- ray images in borders.

Product Description

Developed using LogixLab cutting-edge deep learning technology, focus on automated security X-ray analysis on particular classes of threat such as electronic item, liquids, laptops, drugs and improvised explosive device (IED). Currently, focusing on potential threat that never been seen before. Abnormality detection based deep learning framework to discover anomalies within X-ray imaging. The AI solution generates


  • Location information of detected anomalies in the form of region of interest (ROI),

  • Trigger alarm if abnormalities detected. The solution is indicated to be directly involved Department of Safety and Security and Customs Department. 


Primary Value Proposition

  • Prevent smuggling especially in the borders

  • Help police in inspection and detection of threat items by using Artificial Intelligence

  • Provide best security across the borders