About Us

Logixlab aims at providing radiologists with advanced and accurate Artificial Intelligence powered software on imaging analytics. Our highly sophisticated software is designed to provide clinicians and radiologists with timely & accurate medical imaging that further enables them to offer quality diagnosis.

Why AI enabled Image Analytics?

Based in Cyberjaya Malaysia, Logixlab is committed to provide AI enabled tools that allow physicians to offer optimal care to their patients. In view of the ever increasing demand for imaging and clinical insights, radiologists are under immense pressure to provide accurate and increased medical imaging.


Radiologists are also required to ensure best quality and excellent patient service, in the process of imaging & diagnosis. This is precisely where Logixlab software comes into picture!

Our all-encompassing software helps radiologists in improving their capabilities and offer best outcomes for patient. We empower the medical industry by providing them with innovative software that allows them to manage their workload, while retaining the quality of diagnosis under all conditions.