• Dr. Hanif Abd Gaus

What is Artificial Intelligence (A.I)?

For the layman, artificial intelligence sounds like futuristic technology that will be majorly used to run driver-less cars or design the ever-pervasive chat bots. Some might even go wild with their imagination to describe it as a tool for annihilation of all of humanity, a rather despondent vision for a technology that has largely been useful to humans so far-with regards to diminishing human labor and enhancing their efficiency. It becomes necessary to dispel all myths and confusions about artificial intelligence at the very outset-and highlight all those ways in which people have benefited from it.

Artificial intelligence basically involves the theoretical as well as practical development of computer systems to mimic human cognitive and behavioral processes. The benefits of such systems can be manifold-from (you guessed it right) the invention of driver-less cars to creating militaristic alternatives on the battlefield with applications in other areas such as computer science, mathematics, economics and healthcare; to name just a few. However, with increasing humanizing of machines, some concerned persons point towards the possibility of a dystonia society where highly intelligent machines with near-accurate algorithm fed skills might take over human beings' livelihoods to result in mass unemployment. However, the scope that artificial intelligence provides in the near future quickly dispels all apprehensions about its destructive impact on human lives- if at all there is any.

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